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    BW35 upgrade ?

    hi i'd love to know who and how much if youd like to pm the info please neil
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    My mean green hornet

    beautiful work and insight,well done
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    Beauty is More than Skin Deep

    Wow, looks like you caught it just in time - nice colour combo.......same as mine lol
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    front brake callipers,

    i was suprised how cheap these can be sourced already refurbed 2x Brake Calipers Front Left&Right for Land Rover Defender 90 110 130 Solid Disc | eBay £82.99 and free post!
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    very leaky rover v8!

    i find a pump up 1.5 litre garden sprayer great for washing it off...enough to help wash but not too agressive -and use hot water out of your taps (after a soak with your preferred cleaner) try it
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    Oil Pressure Dropping

    a little more info here: Rover V8 oil pressure cause and effect - Page 1 - Engines & Drivetrain - PistonHeads pic above shows parts 602067 and 90602064 as possible culprits - try tapping the housing first whilst running before removal perhaps? - watch out for the fan lol
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    Bodywork repair guide needed

    re the tabs = werent they used in the factory when the shell was dunked in the primer
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    Are P6B engine mounts the same as Pre-96 Land Rover?

    what about corvette mounts etc -makes more sense to'' keep in in the family''-then fab to make it fit?
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    Oil Pressure Dropping

    could the oil pressure plunger and spring stuck or have gunk trapped on the seat?
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    Are P6B engine mounts the same as Pre-96 Land Rover?

    plenty to choose from here : LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 1 V8 NEW RUBBER ENGINE MOUNTS MOUNTING RUBBERS X2 - ANR1808 Brand new £6.85 FAST & FREE ####### Land Rover / Kit Car Engine / Gearbox Mount Set ANR1808 / STC434 V8 / Diesel Brand new £7.45 Click & Collect Free postage #################...
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    Twintune wanted

    why not use one of these: GUNSON CARB BALANCER TOOL • Easy read scale indicates the air flow FAST & FREE UK SHIPPING CHECK OUT OUR EBAY STORE Brand new GUNSON CARB BALANCER TOOL • Easy read scale indicates the air flow £21.98
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    Sorry paint code advice again...

    looks awful similar to early (pre suffix)mini tartan red too, to me ,from the picture not easy to find an image of orginal paint (ie not fresh from a respray) either but going from memory it looks nearer than photos suggest neil edit- and dont forget there's probably 5 or 6 shades of each...
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    Rover Power Steering rack

    google (can be ) is your friend- first on the list i found: Power Steering Rack RHD - 277946600106 - Genuine MG Rover and on offer too £75.00 ex VAT £90.00 inc UK VAT
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    On Ebay...

    oh a similar vein...: Apollo 1969 Rover P5B Coupe 3.5 V8 Auto Period Camper Conversion Unique Classic £20,000.00
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    And now for something completely different

    re the seat- like these corbeau classic bucket seat - Google-Suche