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    Front brakes staying on after complete rebuild.

    I'm with Phil, my money is on your air valve being the fault. Don't know why your car won't start though.
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    Lockdown II – cool car stuff on the web (not actually Rover related, but it has double De Dion axles!)

    I found this article elsewhere on the automotive internet and it was too fantastic not to share with y'all! Incredible engineering and fabrication going on here.
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    Does anybody know this car?

    Now I really want to know if it would be possible to actually make the rear overriders slide from side to side under cornering!? Mesmerising, like nodding dogs on a parcel shelf, or more like those famous clacking suspended ball bearings people had on their desktops in the '70s. I might be...
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    Rare Italian 2000TC Perhaps?

    Not long ago RPI Engineering posted some info and a few pics of a TR7 for the Italian market with a V8 that had been destroked to 2 litres to circumvent their tax laws at the time!
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Geoff at Wins Int. supplied me with one of those big round rubber gear lever gaskets for in the tunnel not so long ago.
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    P5 Lyback Seats

    Me neither. :rolleyes:
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    P5 Lyback Seats

    I can't see 'em either. I see a list, 'View media items' no.s 114 to 119, but I get an 'Ooops' when I click 'em.
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    Solved!! Sticky brakes where to look servo or master cilinder?

    I'm going to say it is the air valve that is at fault. Hopefully somebody who actually knows how it works will be along soon to explain why I'm right. Or shoot my diagnosis down as foolish.
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    P6 power steering conversion

    Surely it is possible to fit the PAS track rod with the turnbuckle over on the passenger side of the car, farther away from the PAS box, theoretically making it easier to access? Or am I missing something obvious? I have to change mine shortly, the NOS Unipart replacement is awaiting my most...
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    Pre lockdown jolly ?

    My car is off the road temporarily, so in the meantime I have been enjoying going for walks in the neighbourhood. In the last couple of days I saw a few people out for a jolly in their own classics. Midweek I saw an immaculate dark green DB6 go by, the very next day I saw a chap enjoying their...
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    Windscreen seal change.... Oh dear.....

    In addition to the grommet where the throttle linkage goes through the bulkhead, take a look at the hole where the choke cable and petrol reserve cable go through. There should also be a rubber grommet there. Mine perished, and I think that is where rainwater makes its way into the cabin to pool...
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    Fifteen Years Away

    I don't see anything dirty. Just a whole lot of nice'n'clean'shiny!
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    Well that's different.....

    Just as Peterv has said, if the rocker gear isn't bolted down firmly than oil will certainly squirt up from beneath the loose rocker pedestal, and is very likely the cause of your oil leaks from the breather and rocker covers. It all looks nice and clean in there, at any rate.
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    Fifteen Years Away

    That looks to have been very well cared for. Very nice. Here's hoping you enjoy many miles of trouble free motoring with it, to make up for all that time without one. Welcome back.
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    V8 4 speed gearbox - difficulty with reverse.

    371169, yep, Geoff's got one of them, unless somebody else has bought it in the last three weeks since I returned it to him unused.