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    SuperPro Poly

    HI All, I'm starting to restore my Rover p6 (2000 sc) and I was checking which are the best bushes to fit on my car. I saw a kit of SuperPro Poly. Have somebody tried these type of bushes please? and is this worth of money these? regards Mark
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    rover for scrap spotted!

    hi everyone! last weekend my friend told me that there was rover for scrap... i never saw a rover like this the back is like a pick up. may be it was made in malta like that! :) here is the photo of the rover! :D cheers mark
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    Hello from Malta

    hahaha yes! i'm really addicted to classic cars :D i have 2 marinas, one of them just finished from restoration, i also have a Wolseley 12/48 and these 2 rovers :D i have lot of things to do but i very looking forward to start the rovers :) here is my last restoration of my marinas
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    Hello from Malta

    yeah here are still lot of classic used as an everyday car :) i know that rover of joe zerafa, but i never actually meat him, he has a loveley rover, i really liked it. i'm attaching some photos of my rovers :) i will post some others photos during the process of the dis melting it mark
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    Hello from Malta

    Hi! i'm mark from malta, i have 2 rovers p6. i bought one of them 10yrs ago but it has lot of rust so i bought chassy & body really cheap, and some day i will began this project... still in the pipe line :D i hope i will start on it soon :D i try to post some photos of my rovers soon too...