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    Hello from me !!!!!

    Welcome to you and Berty. Ah, the great bonnet spare wheel mount. Shouldn't say it too loudly here but have one of those (modified) on a second boot lid for the MX5 so we could have a spare when went touring. Something which will become possible again in Australia soon. Have also used them on...
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    Can I mix different PAS fluid when topping up?

    No personal experience as our Series1 steering is manual, but enclose an interchange from RoverCarClubAustralia website which seems pertinent. Don't know whether Nulon is available to you. "On 1 Oct 2021, at 7:04 am, .....wrote: Leaking profusely . Actually works OK if you can keep the fluid...
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    Seat Belts, and their replacement...

    Series 1 cars are designed around Static belts. Series 11 have cutout in front seats to accommodate Inertia Reels, but AFIK no change to the rears. Even fitting statics is a PITA and it is very difficult to get them to hang on their retaining hooks.
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    Hi there everyone!

    Welcome, enjoy your new project.
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    Nada V8 hood/bonnet fitment

    Could have but leaving it naked was only ever a temporary step.
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    Nada V8 hood/bonnet fitment

    You could try paint free aluminium. I ran our "summer bonnet" that way for a while. Had to have the paint stripped to get the flutes put in and just kept it that way for a year or so. Didn't look bad but no-one liked it!
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    XYU 201N - 1974 3500 Auto

    Lovely, enjoy.
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    First Outing of the Motor Show Banner

    Love the Sunbeam. Thought Bristols had the sort of value in UK that would result in full restoration but the Triumph running gear would be about the right size, if not complexity.
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    leds in dash indicators problem.

    Can't help with round instruments but with strip type the speedo cable or more specifically the 90degree connector seemed to be the limiter on movement.
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    P6B S Project Car

    Thanks. Will probably stick with oil as it probably requires a total dismantling of the tube to complete a first time grease.
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    P6B S Project Car

    Boy that is bad. I have a slight split in mine which we have managed to tape and glue up, with a new one in the boot (trunk) bought locally - well Mark in central Victoria - to be put on in due course. Just as a matter of interest did you refill with engine oil or have you taken the greasing...
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    P6B S Project Car

    Yep, just wasn't sure when you said "Down here coreflute is not nearly robust enough". I'd actually bought the corflute at Bunnings to use on the grandkids' cubby house, now demolished, and then thought it might be suitable for the boot lid. It's actually 6+ years ago, time flies. Put in LEDs...
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    P6B S Project Car

    Not sure where "down here" is but perhaps it is the rougher side of the city? Anyhow the coreflute pictured (sorry about the quality of the pics) has been in for over 5 years so far, though admittedly I don't subject it to overly rough treatment. Interestingly and surprisingly the townhouse we...
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    P6B S Project Car

    Still reckon that apart from the original cardboard Coreflute is the best bet. Flexible, easily worked and the correct colour. But each to his/her own. Keep safe and well.
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    P6 Seat Adjustment

    The seat is adjustable for height, via spacers and longer bolts, which might help resolve your problem if nothing else works.