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    Replacing your Rover

    Brave buying and Audi! I had one once.. never again!!
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    Replacing your Rover

    I have my Rover, a 2011 Citroen C3 Picasso and a 2005 Mercedes CLK320 convertible. The Rover is my classic just for fun. The Citroen is a workhorse. It is a 1.6 turbo diesel and does 60mpg. It has loads of room and is fun to drive and cheap to run. The Mercedes is really another toy. it's got...
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    Driving with an automatic

    I love automatics and have had a lot. The whole point for me is that you do just put it in D and go. I do occasionally drop my 3500 into 2 going up a hill as I think the hang on to top gear too long but anything more modern and it just doesn't seem necessary. I have a Mercedes CLK320 with a 5...
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    records that never made it to CD

    Shouldn't you have a safety guard on that belt?:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
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    Breakdown cover

    I am with the RAC. It is not cheap but I think it is the best. It covers me and to a vehicle so I can get recovered even in someone else's car. I have my P6, two motor bikes, two modern cars and a VW camper van and the will take any of them. Over the years I have used them on a number of...
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    A Guide To Front Spring Removal And Refitment

    Great write up! When I took my springs out I used three spring compressors. It was tricky but two can be unstable and the spring can pop out sideways. That can't happen with three. I also put ratchet straps around the springs as a belt and braces approach. They were left in the far corner of the...
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    Seat belt advice please

    Isn't there a metal plate on the seats for factory fit inertia seat belts to give more clearance? (Just visible at the bottom of the picture. Best I could find at short notice!!
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    1972 Rover 3500 1970 ROVER P6 3500 S 1 OF 6 DEVELOPMENT CARS

    Did this really happen?? 1972 Rover 3500 1970 ROVER P6 3500 S 1 OF 6 DEVELOPMENT CARS Saloon Petrol Manua | eBay
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    3D design and printing

    I had an old broken vent cover for the extractor on my camper van and my brother in law printed me a new one with a raised VW logo on, so I suspect anyone in the know could easily make a steering wheel centre with whatever you want on it!!
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    BW35 gearbox Pressure gauge thread

    I have eventually got my sump back on, no oil leaks, fluid level correct, and made an attempt to set up the kickdown cable with a pressure gauge. The original reading was around 60PSI at tick over but jumping to 140PSI when the revs were increased to 700rpm in D. The pressure jump was fast...
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    BW35 gearbox Pressure gauge thread

    Having had another think, I am beginning to realise why most people use the test drive method!! So I now understand that the valve has to rest on the constant radius section of the cam. The exact location is not relevant though as this is dictated by setting the closed throttle position so that...
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    BW35 gearbox Pressure gauge thread

    My point is that the constant radius section of the cam is indicated on the attached picture between the red lines arrowed in green. This is a very large included angle and I could set it anywhere within the red lines and be in accordance with the manual. The cable is not overly slack in any...
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    BW35 gearbox Pressure gauge thread

    So I have the sump off of my gearbox and I am looking at the cam setting. It is not really clear from the manual where the setting should be at full throttle pedal movement. The picture attached is when the throttle pedal is fully depressed to the floor! In the manual it looks like the valve...
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    BW35 gearbox Pressure gauge thread

    I does make perfect sense. I plan to set the cam when the sump is off and then check both revs readings with a gauge, just for the sake of it!!