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    Complete rear axle for early (Dunlop) P6 for sale in Holland

    Drive shafts SOLD. Diff. and brakes still available, € 75,-
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    Complete rear axle for early (Dunlop) P6 for sale in Holland

    I have a rear diff, complete with brakes and drive shafts for the early "Dunlop" P6. Asking price € 125,- but has to be collected from The Netherlands!
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    1971 Rover 2000 SC

    Beautiful car. Interesting to see the mix of new and old style switches for lights and wipers.
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    Tobacco leaf 3500

    In the end it was the reserve tap causing the problem. At the end of August I have got him MOT´d and did some 180 mls without any problems.
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    New Dutch member.

    Hallo Jan, Het wordt steeds drukker met Nederlanders hier :) Regards, Kees
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    Tobacco leaf 3500

    Thanks for the tips John. I have tried the reserve tap and it was not completely in the right position. I hope this was the problem but did not have time yet for a test drive. Hope to do that this week. I will keep you posted.
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    Tobacco leaf 3500

    Last december I bought a 1975 P6 3500 automatic in Tobacco leaf. The MOT was expired but it was driveable. A few weeks ago I have started to get it ready for MOT. The parking brake did not work and when I investigated it turned out the brake pads were very worn so I have changed these. Such a...
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    1969 3500 Series 1 in April Yellow

    Great, beautiful car.
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    Rover 2200SC - MRW 392P

    Very nice car.
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    Hello Joop, welcome and nice to see another Dutchman here. Regards, Kees
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    A Rover In The Garage

    He drove a Mini in the 60´s.
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    Rye, just now - who was that?

    Rye is lovely, we have been there very often. Are you also going to Hastings? That is nice too :D Kees
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    Vanden Plas Automatic 1982

    She drives very well. I haven´t used it very much but I plan to take it to England this summer. With 3 kids and luggage in the back she will be lowered!
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    Re: FITTING OF SPARE TYRE ON BOOT? Why would you bother fitting the spare on the outside? It spoils the beautiful lines of the P6 and you can´t see in the rearview mirror. The spare of mine is in the boot and I have been on holiday in England with the P6 several times already with 2 adults and...
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    New member, 1972 3500S

    Welcome here. Nice to see another Dutchman :D