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    W50 celica

    I put the 5 speed Toyota conversion in from Colin Dray into my Rover 2000 TC. I am very happy with it. Colin is a good bloke to work with. I do not know what the supply of LT77 boxes is like in NZ, but think the W50 would be a stronger box. Growing up in Australia about every second Holden had a...
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    Converting an SC Auto to Manual (for the fun of it)

    Have you thought about putting a 5 speed Toyota box into it? I have done this conversions, and I like having fifth gear!
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    Fitting Lower Ball Joints

    That the rubber boot off and weld it back in then pull it out.
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    oil pump

    I think there was a change in relief valve mechanism, in about 1966. Perhaps have has the old type that were not reliable. What year is the car?
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    Rear Calipers Ready

    Nice use of kitchen utensils for mechanical work!
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    Looking for one of these (gause oil filter) to finish my engine project.

    I drove the Great Ocean Road in my Rover 2000 automatic back in 2010. It was a good drive but I did have a clanky universal joint at the time. I was glad to get home. I replaced the Universal joint before driving to Queensland in 2012 for Nat Rover that year.
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    Looking for one of these (gause oil filter) to finish my engine project.

    I just checked the filter that I had on the shelf, it was the right length but the diameter was bigger. Sorry I cannot help you on this one!
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    Looking for one of these (gause oil filter) to finish my engine project.

    Take some measurements of your filter. Mm or inches work for me. I picked up a filter some years ago that I thought might fit in there. If it is close then I might pull that nose off of my can and investigate further and see if it will fit. I think I have a part number with it as well. Nice...
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    Possible head off

    Were the compressions tested warm with the throttle fully opened and a fully charged battery? It your starter motor tired? A leak down test would be a good idea I think. Eliminates other reasons for low numbers. Since your numbers are very even this is generally good. Also what is your...
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    Dunlop Hand brake cable, early Rover 2000.

    Does anyone have an idea who might have these. I have checked Mark Grey, Wadhams, and Wins without success.
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    Is my fuel pump bad?

    Something like these: 5/16 Inline fuel filter. Clear plastic (Lot of 3 Pcs ) | eBay Also if you have replaced your fuel line with soft rubber hoses then get some chose shut off clamp grip pliers. You can avoid getting covered with fuel and a lot safer as well.
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    Is my fuel pump bad?

    I put one on 12 years ago, it is still in good shape, and works great. You can get universal filters with both 5/16" and 1/4" line size for a few dollars at the parts store. Some kits even come with hose clamps.
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    Valve Timing

    Do you have a work shop manual? Fit the distributor and see where the rotor points. If I recall the manual tells you where the rotor should be when you are at the Exhaust peak for cylinder number one. If it does not tell you I can take my valve cover off over the weekend and set to EP and have a...
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    Petrol fumes

    What year it the car? Early cars had HD8 carbs. When the floats sink or stick, the carb will overflow, and drip petrol onto the exhaust manifold. An unsatisfactory situation! You will hear the drip drip drip sizzle when you stop, and you will smell it too! Even when working properly with no...
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    My boot won’t open.

    I have had a similar problem. There is an adjustment, however you need to open the boot to do the adjusting. Turn the barrel one way with the key. Then push on briskly many times with your thumb. Eventually it should pop open. If something has move backwards inside then this makes it harder to...