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    Worcestershire Rover P6 Clubs (both!) meeting - Change of Day

    We've just arranged our first meeting since the last lockdown... Third Wednesday of the month, so 16 June, but a change of venue as the Fruiterers has shut unfortunately and our alternative, The Dog, wasn't too great so we are trying out the Bay Horse, Hartlebury Road, Stourport-on-Severn, at...
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    Rear centre lapbelt

    Don't bother with centre lap belts, you really don't want to sit in the middle for any length of time (I did back in the 80s from Bristol to Glasgow - never again!). It's a 4 seater, end of!
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    got your vaccine? what happened??

    Had my first back in January, booked the second for mid April... Still here and with bum!
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    Thoughts on VHI MOT exemption

    Not as such, but they can and will do basic checks like checking your tyres which is an easy one to do and would be valid if the accident was caused by losing grip. At the end of the day the law is clear that you need to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy when you use it in the highways. An...
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    Auto Express' Top 50 all-time greatest British-built cars

    Very few of the cars from my childhood are in there, it seems to be all about the sports car and ignores the "daily" cars. But I suppose that's inevitable with the remit they set themselves... Personally I'd go for the Mk2 Cavalier, had three of them over the years, nice and reliable and...
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    Willow Green 2000

    It certainly needs your photos, those on the advert are dreadful!
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    Recommendation for a supplier of an exhaust for a P6 2200 SC Auto

    Thanks Chris. I'll see what everyone else says and then I'll be in touch!
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    Recommendation for a supplier of an exhaust for a P6 2200 SC Auto

    Well Mark can't get his new ones made up and I don't want to fork out for stainless one as I am not sure I'll keep it long enough and having just moved house money is tight. So anyone know of anywhere else I can try? It's a two box system so I am just looking for the sections with the boxes on...
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    Question regarding identity

    I'm not in a pedantic mood (at the moment, that could change!), so used it's nickname!! ;) :)
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    Question regarding identity

    That's a Landcrab with the 6 cylinder 2.2 engine!
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    Can anyone please explain?

    Some of the Irish have long memories! ;)
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    Outdoor storage

    Would agree with Gargo, it'll survive outside for a few years uncovered, but it will deteriorate, put it under a decent cover and it will survive a lot longer with less work needed... The key is the cover, get a decent one, the £50 are not worth the plastic they are made from...
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    SCAM Warning

    Only $2000? Hardly worth the effort!! :)
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    My boot won’t open.

    Thanks chaps, some things to try! It would be nice to get the passenger door lock back in use!