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    Rover P6 repair video's

    I made a couple of more P6 videos and posted them on YouTube. The first is about seal replacement in a Di Dion axle tube And the second one is about replacing the circuit board in the original tachometer with one made by Spiyda so that it will work...
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    Steering relay

    Actually Steering Idler is what the Official Rover P6 parts manual calls it. It would be called a Pitman Arm in American. Edward Hamer Petaluma CA
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    Steering relay

    I just made a video of the steering relay disassembly/reassembly. It is a LHS car but the RHS one is basicly the same just opposite handed. The video is at; Edward Hamer Petaluma CA
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    Rover P6 NADA 3500S Driveline update videos.

    Just an update. I have driven the car about 700 miles now and it is great. 55mph is just 1,500 rpm's so highway cruising is great. Plenty of power with the 3.9 liter as well even in mostly standard trim. It took a while to find the slow leak in the new AC but all OK now just in time for...
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    P6 AC Upgrade to 134 spec

    As part of the driveline upgrade I decided to change out all the old AC eqipment for modern parts. The only part I reused from teh original system is the evaporator. Here is part 1 of 2. I drove the P6 with the 3.9 liter and HP22 trans for the first time today and it works great. I have not...