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    Exhaust emissions

    I found the "unofficial" checker after the TFL site kept bringing up one of mine as having to pay. That particular vehicle is manufactured 1972, but registered in 1982, and is tax exempt, so I thought maybe that was the reason. This thread made me check again, and now it comes up ULEZ exempt on...
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    Exhaust emissions

    Do you believe everything you read in the newspapers?
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    Exhaust emissions

    That's because TFL want you to pay when you don't have to because they are a bunch of thieving b*st*rds. Try here: ULEZ Checker | What is ULEZ | ULEZ 2021 | ULEZ Extension
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    Front disc size on V8?

    Those are V8 pads, but the discs could be smaller diameter than the correct V8 ones. Sizes are in the relevant workshop manuals. EDIT. 2000 10.312" 2200 10.366" V8 10.82"
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    Oil pressure switch thread?

    IIRC it's on the RH side of the block, in the lower rear corner, somewhere between the bottom corner of the side plate and the sump line.
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    Front clutch on bw 35 P6 3500

    I thought you already bought a replacement front clutch piston from JPAT because your original one was damaged?
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    P6 3500S- manual gearbox trouble

    That's Police Specification gearboxes only AFAIK You're lucky the mainshaft gear shed its teeth, usually it happens to the laygear, which is pretty much unobtainable now.
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    Hello from Ireland

    If it's advertised for sale, I can't see any problems reposting the ad, in fact here you go, this could well be the one..... Rover P6 2000 for sale in Louth for €6,750 on DoneDeal
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    Every day's a schoolday.
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    Bw35 sump gasket

    I've never used a torque wrench on the sump bolts.
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    Bw35 sump gasket

    Just make sure that the gasket mating face on the sump is perfectly flat and don't overtighten the bolts.
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    AFAIK, apart from aircon cars, all the heaters are the same.
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    Bw35 sump gasket

    I've always used cork, but that was from years back to more recently, when new offerings have come on the scene, which I've not had experience of, and have heard some reports that they're not all they are cracked up to be.
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    Bw35 sump gasket

    Don't use sealant. You can use a little Vaseline to hold the gasket in place while you fit it if you need to.
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    Selector rod bushes

    All or any of the following: Selector striker lever, selector rod bushes, gearlever spherical seat, and gearlever, that's about it for parts, but the gearlever retainers incorrectly assembled can also cause the same problem, so far better to look at the car before ordering parts.