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    P6 V8

    Or you could swap it out for the later LT77 SD1 5 speed box, a very tried and true conversion. Graeme
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    And now for something completely different..

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    TOP 10 of cars about to go extinct

    Driven plenty of them, all work cars, would NEVER have bought one with the knowledge gained in driving them thru work. Just cant imagine why it took so long for buyers to wake up that there is more choice out there other than Ford ( which I did own a few of) and Holden.
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    New member

    Welcome, loved the photos, you are obviously a perfectionist, Kudos for that. I hope your 2000TC isn't in too bad shape, they really are rewarding to work on. Graeme
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    Cooler engine bay.....?

    This topic has had extensive coverage in previous threads, done to death in fact, I would suggest a forum search.
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    4 barell CFM range

    I have the Weber 500 on mine and it works very well. It was my understanding the way the 500 is built the full flow is not used until the secondaries are wide open giving you a more appropriate sized carb for the 3500. Graeme
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    Orange P6 2200

    Yes I regret selling a few of the past cars I have had, now worth quite a bit of dosh! but not as bad as one of my uncles, had a roller on his front lawn for a while but got sick of it sitting there so gas axed it up and another time had a Stutz Bearcat sitting out back that he just left till it...
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    Boot rack or roof rack

    Oh for HD video recorders!!
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    Hot Almond

    unless it was curry in that case there might be skid marks and a lot of tissues.
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    Boot rack or roof rack

    HMS Victory?
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    Hot Almond

    Is that how you spell Curry?
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    Boot rack or roof rack

    Thanks, dont ever recall seeing one before but now I know what to look out for. Graeme
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    Boot rack or roof rack

    Does any one have any photos of the original roof racks fitted to the car? Graeme
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    Future of the forum

    Well now I can finally say it! This forum is run by a bunch of Dicks!! :D Just joking of course and I know that the forum will be in the best of hands which ever Dick runs it. Graeme
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    Future of the forum

    What Harvey said. Ditto