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    Carb Removal TC

    The carbs are removed from the engine complete with the inlet manifold. You have to drain the coolant, disconnect throttle and choke, as well as heater hoses, undo the 6 (IIRC...) inlet manifold nuts, and lift out the manifold together with the carbs. After that the exhaust manifold will be...
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    Vinyl Rear Quarter Panels on Series 1

    Mine was already fitted with black vinyl rear quarter panels when i bought it. In a white car i think that the contrast is nice, so i have retained them though the years, even if i had the chance to get it back to original.
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    Securon Inertia Reel Rear Seat Belts - what am I missing?

    For the reasons explained by roverp480 above, i would not advise you to follow the mounting method that appears in my photos. As i understand the factory mounting points were designed for static belts, therefore when we try to fit inertia belts there are one or more problems. My intention now is...
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    Low Brake Fluid level switch.

    Indeed, there is no need to coat anything. A synthetic cork will be fine for years.
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    another new member!

    Welcome. It seems that you have a very nice example, and apparently a really late one! Are you aware that your car is fitted with the TC clocks? I wonder if these were retrofitted by a previous owner, or they were there from the factory. In any case 50 psi is about right, so there is nothing...
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    HIF6 conversion on a 2000 TC Automatic

    Yes, my car is manual. I thought that you have done already the TC conversion, and therefore came up with something for the kick-down linkage. As harvey says though it is somethink already done, so have a search within the forum.
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    Heater air flow leaks

    The slots are there in order to plumb in the factory A/C system. Yes you should seal them. For the same reason there more slots taped up on the galleries that lead to the face vents. They are visible if you remove the gloveboxes and look up. Normally the tape is long gone now and you should have...
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    HIF6 conversion on a 2000 TC Automatic

    I have done this conversion in my TC many years ago, and like others i am happy with it. The engine becomes more responsive at the lower end, they are far easier to tune, and i have found that they tend to hold their tune better. Also the engine as you would expect idles much better. You'd...
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    OK, not a Rover, but it has twin SU carbs, and a blower!

    I presume you are refering to the car, not the driver! :p
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    Car horn

    Gerald, if you have time on your hands, it is quite rewarding and easy to do a proper restoration on them. Open them up, clean everything inside, close again with screws and nuts, paint, adjust. I must have done about haf a dozen of them in the past. But if you are not inclined, you could always...
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    Car horn

    The small grub screw adjusts the contact breaker for wear.
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    Flywheel Capers

    Similar with Edd China's work, but without the expensive tools.
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    Suspected Regulator Fault within 18ACR

    It's nice that you can still get reliable parts for these. The reason that i have thrown away a 16 ACR was the frequency that i had to replace regulators. As far i remember they were all genuine Lucas parts, or so it said on the tin.
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    P6 3500S- manual gearbox trouble

    If you have 2 gearboxes available, i think it is better to take both of them apart, and use the best parts between the 2 to assemble a good one. Perhaps the gearbox that jumps out of reverse has a good oil pump.
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    Engine whine at mid RPMs

    This is really strange. What i would do is, with the fan belt removed, use a stethoscope / long screwdriver and try to locate it in the distributor / oil pump / auxilliary drive area. I know, easier to say than to actually do it, but perhaps it's a step forward.