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    Rostyle Wheels From a Rover P5b

    Yes, no, and maybe is the correct answer. Depends on the year of the 2000. Depends on whether it's going to foul the rear wheelarch, or clear the front bearing covers.
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    Vinyl Rear Quarter Panels on Series 1

    The physical dimensions are the same, but the very early cars have a different number of screws/holes, as do the base units.
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    Vinyl Rear Quarter Panels on Series 1

    And early quarter panels are different from later ones, so they're not all interchangeable.
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    Rover Gas Turbine - 1S60 - for sale

    I sold my 1S/82 between lockdowns last year.. got significantly more for that.
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    What is a reasonable life expectancy for a car battery?

    3-5 years with regular use. Modern batteries in new cars are expected to not be viable after three years.
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    Seat belt ebay seller vat issue (if outside UK)

    Really? Took me less than five minutes, which is usually my boredom threshold. Their company name is listed on their ebay page and on their auctions as a business seller. Searching Companies House shows a valid company, incorporated since 2007. It's a legitimate business, who are probably...
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    Seat belt ebay seller vat issue (if outside UK)

    Ebay does the charging, as per HMRC regulations. All business sellers, if VAT registered, have to provide their details to ebay, who then notify HMRC. They're trying to combat fraud, but it's all turned into a bit of a mess, with a lot of business sellers walking away. If you want to claim the...
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    Hello from Fife

    Very non-original, and personalised. Be interesting to see more pictures of it.
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    Rover P6 Project Ebay

    Agreed. 14 inch rostyles are worth a decent amount.
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    Rover P6 Project Ebay

    It doesn't look too bad. The drivers door looks to be the worst of the panels. Look at what's behind the brake servo - looks to be a little surface rust there. Check the inner sills, and under the rear seats carefully.. as well as the tops of the rear wings around the quarter panels, and up...
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    Carb Removal TC

    Except one of the supplements is for an SD1 The best workshop manual for a series 1 4-pot is 605028. One of many on ebay Rover 2000 Workshop Manual 605028 | eBay
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    Carb Removal TC

    Buy Rover workshop manual. Follow instructions.
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    Wanted – a rubber 'thing' (!) to hold the jack in place against the nearside boot wall

    The white bungees are the early ones, and the black one is a later one..
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    Replacing your Rover

    I do like my modern car.. especially as it almost drives itself. That said, the seats in a P6 are far more comfortable than anything modern I've driven in a while.
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    Wanted – front lower strut, Drivers side, for P6 3500. Part no is 595741

    The spares in the small shed start with 54.. guessing either older V8 or 2000?