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    Replacing windscreen.

    Now, any recommendations for alternatives for the rubber that sits in the bottom steel channel if need be?
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    Replacing windscreen.

    Thanks Craig! Ill see if i can find or if installer can supply! Roy
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    Replacing windscreen.

    Geoff has always been great at sending items immediately, but it still takes 4-5 weeks to get to Canada.
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    Replacing windscreen.

    I will be replacing my windscreen at the end of next week. Im planning on reusing the “new” seal I used when the car was painted in 2013. I wasnt present when the screen was removed and reinstalled and didnt see the condition of the foam strip between the base unit and the glass. I’m thinking...
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    Canadian export Federal TC

    A couple of shots of my car taken by the Alberta All British Motoring Society at their 2017 meet.
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    Fall drive

    Thunder Lake, Alberta.
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    The View From The Windscreen

    Fall time in Canada.
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    Fall drive

    Out for a drive to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.
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    replace rostyle with steel wheel issues?

    Thank you for the quick replies gentlemen! Roy
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    replace rostyle with steel wheel issues?

    I've been running my federal TC car with the rostyles it came with since I got it running. I have known they are out of true and cant be made true. The wheels are balanced as best as I can get them but I still have a shimmy at speeds over 40 mph. Will steel wheels fit the bolt pattern of the...
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    Bonnet Fettling

    Anyone have any tips on bonnet adjustments for a 2000 TC? My replacement bonnet seems to catch on the spring humps (probably not the proper term but everyone should know what I mean , I think) on the inner wings causing the back edge of the bonnet near the windscreen to rise when the bonnet is...
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    Tires? (U.S.)

    Have you looked at Universal Vintage Tires? Magento Commerce
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    Where to find rear spring shims

    Like others have posted previously, my car also sits higher in the rear on one side. Rear spring shims are mentioned several times but no mention is made of where to get them. I have looked at the usual suppliers websites and can't find these being offered for sale. If no one sells them does...
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    Paint code for dark green rover 3500 1970

    Please post the actual paint code your painter uses after its done. Pictures before, during, after would be cool to see as well! Roy