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    Boot Lid R&R issues?

    It is good to have a helper with you when you are pushing the lid onto the hinge irons . It is very easy for the hinge iron to set marks in the lid. So two sets of steady hands is preferable.
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    wheel nut size info for rover alloys

    Can someone tell me which nuts are correct to use on rostyle wheels? The long ones as is used with the s-trim, or the shorter ones?
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Your engine build looks very nice, I wonder if you had any issues with adjusting the pushrods? Can you describe how you adjusted them please? Regards, Barten
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    Submitted my Master of Engineering thesis yesterday.

    Congratulations Ron, now you have more time for Nice Rover write-ups.
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    Sticky brakes. immediatly loose when engine is switched off, Solved!

    Glad to hear your brakes are sorted. Are you happy with them, if you compare to a newer car? My brakes could have been much better, but i am searching for the reason why they are not as good as I had hoped. It seems like they have no servo assistance.
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    Sticky brakes. immediatly loose when engine is switched off, Solved!

    Hello Pepijn, i bought a new dual master cylinder from Wins 3 years ago, and I swapped out the new connectors and put in the old connectors. So I can use the original brake lines and connectors. I seem to remember the plastic thingy and the spring. They Are supposed to be there. Isnt there one...
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    Road noise at front

    I have dunlop blueresponse on my vitesse wheels in 205/65 - 15. I am happy with them, They Are quiet.
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    This is a very interresting thread to follow. I Wonder when you fit the adjustable pushrods; Are the holes the go through enlarged. I fitted them to my SD1 engine and had to enlarge the holes.
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    Lt77 conversion requirements

    Hi Tor, I got my speedo calibrated by Speedy cables (the name is a bit misleading). I did the checks and filled out their form. When I got it back and installed it is reading spot on, very pleased with the job even though it took longer than I hoped for.
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    1968 2000 TC Restoration Project

    Very impressive restoration job ! I guess you have had a lot of work done professionally, but even so this is a great achievement in such a short time period! I spent almost 27 years doing up my red rover. I have a 1965 2000 as my next project. Just have to finish a 1968 Saab V4 first. Most of...
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    V8 Engine Stabilizer Rod (or not)

    I have the stabilizer rod in my 1972 3500s, but not in my 1971 3500. It was not installed when i bought it in 2005 and I have not seen any downsides not having it installed. The 3500 is an import car first sold in Western Germany, and does not have the dual brake system fitted to my 3500s.
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    P6B S Project Car

    Very nice to waft along with the Mrs in the Rover! How do you compare the Rover to a Porsche 928 ? I did notice that your bonnet looked to be more open on the LH side?
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    Nice trip in autumn sun before the salters are out.

    Hi Mike, this is in the northwest part of the country, Møre og Romsdal. Between the towns Molde and Kristiansund. I drove to Nordkapp 3 years ago. Fascinating landscape up there.
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    Nice trip in autumn sun before the salters are out.

    No worries since I run Evans fluid in the system. Anyway we have had just one night with frost so far this autumn. But thats a signal for the god damn salttrucks to start pouring out their corrosive stuff!