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    Manual steering to power steering conversion....

    Hi, I looking for the summary, but the link doesn't work. Can you check, please. Much appreciated. BR Alex
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    3500 with Jensen Wheels

    Great wheels, love it! The whole car looking great. May I ask who supplies such kind of stuff? Thx
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    Hi there ... nice to be here

    Thanks a lot guys. I will upload some more pics when I am in front of my machine. Tonight just a brief mobile check. Bye then, Alex
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    Looking for a boot badge in very good conditions

    Hi all, I have fitted the spare wheel on top of the boot. Now, I want to remove it and so looking for the boot badge. If possible in very good conditions. Any hints welcome. I attached a picture. Thanks a lot, Alex
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    Hi there ... nice to be here

    Dear all, greetings from rainy Germany today. Nice to be here. Owning a '74 Rover 3500 with automatic gearbox, red (monza) color and black vinyl roof. Located close to Heidelberg. Hope to get advises and looking forward to exchange topics. (btw I am also part of Rüdiger Wicke's German P6 forum -...