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New Profile Posts

  1. jdp
    Regional Representatives coordinator for the RSR.
  2. kingrat00
    kingrat00 Stephen Ward
    Hi Stephen sorry only saw your message yes still have alternator can post for say 10 total 20.
    Do you have a pay pal account you can pay me that way if you want still
    1. Stephen Ward
      Stephen Ward
      Hi. Glad you are still about. Yes I am still interested, however, I have just had to fork out for a new steering rack for my wife's car so anything for The Minstrel is on hold for now. I am sure you will understand. Thanks again. :)
      Feb 18, 2018
    Hello all, new member 69 p6 v8 rover owner intending to restore to show condition this year will be asking help to source . thanks Dennis
  4. Riddler
    Riddler rockdemon
    Hello. Contacting you because I understand you are an administrator and may be able to help.
    I am trying to contact a new member called Alex Baker.
    I have sent him a conversation message and posted on his profile page but I don’t think he has seen my messages. Would you be able to email him and ask him to get in touch with me? My email address is;
    Many thanks,
  5. luke gothard
    luke gothard
    Any one know the size of the rad hoses on my 1946 rover p2?
  6. Riddler
    Riddler Alex Baker
    Hello Alex. Have sent you a private message that will be in your inbox. About your hunt for a V8 P6.
  7. Gargo
    Gargo Geoff Rawlings
    Hi Geoff,
    As my post says I have a converted car, which you are more than welcome to have a look at. The car is in Edenderry Village. I'll even let you drive it.
    Ph. me on 02890644267 or email gavin.millington@btopenworld.com
    Gavin Millington.
  8. Max black99
    Max black99 Tam
    Hello. Just a quick question regarding my 74 p6. A few years ago'pee sicks' posted about his new car on the 11th of July 2014 (BSS202M) which he bought of ebay. Do you have any old pics of the car or the ebay sale add?

    kind regards Max
  9. Max black
    Max black
    Rover p6 3500 v8 1974
  10. Rudiger Wicke
    Rudiger Wicke seven7
    Hallo, der ex-P6 von Herrn Krüger in Darmstadt? :-)
  11. Mr masala
    Mr masala
    Has anyone any experience in fitting the OUTER DOOR WEATHERSTRIP to a P6 as supplied by Wins ..If so what do you think of the end result
  12. landy.lover
    Spend more time on Facebook groups <3
  13. georgecook
    New email address gcookcassop73@gmail.com
  14. transexl
    Seeing the light at the end of the P6 tunnel/money funnel...
  15. transexl
    Best car money could buy - the P6!
  16. Phil Robson
    Phil Robson
    I'd give you the seats Chas, but would be happy to meet you at say Sheffield or Chesterfield one Sunday so £30 for fuel would be welcomed.
  17. cbv8
    cbv8 Phil Robson
    Hi Phil,
    What do you want for the seats? also i see you are over 100 miles from me :-(
    1. cbv8
      Aug 29, 2017
  18. transexl
    The UK is just LOVELY! - and our Jimmy the best car I could think of!!
  19. catboy
    catboy mikecoombs
    Hi Mike

    I'm after after both rear shockers part no 529617

    And both front shockers part no 516747

    Not sure about a make these are heavy duty shockers

    Cheers Lee
  20. transexl
    Beginning to be nervous because Rolf (commonguy) and me are going to the UK on Friday!